Video: How to Autocross

How to Autocross 0
Photo by Damon Lowney

We know what it’s like to be met with blank stares and well-timed nods when we mention autocross to our friends, but from now on, we’ll just show them these videos. We hope you do too.

Though autocross is a motorsport held in regular parking lots, usually you can’t just set up cones in a lot and go. Car clubs are the best places to start autocrossing. Your local Porsche Club of America chapter is a great group to autocross with (check to see if a Porsche is required to participate), and the Sports Car Club of America holds Solo autocross competitions for all drivers – no Porsche required.

Watch the next video to see an actual autocross lap. This event was held in Qualcomm Stadium’s parking lot on November 24 and put on by the Porsche Club of America San Diego Region. Special thanks to Mike Brown for allowing me to drive his 968.

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