Who We Are

Excellence was born to fill the need of a large and active Porsche community for an independent magazine about their favorite cars. It sprang to life in 1986 in a converted auto repair garage in Ross California. The need for the publication was so great that even with a first issue best described as a nice try, thousands of Porsche enthusiasts tendered their checks for subscriptions.

The first five issues were published as Porsche Magazine, but changed to Excellence when Porsche AG made good on its repeated threats to file suit for what it alleged was trademark infringement. This had little effect on the magazine’s success as it had already achieved status within the Porsche community. With its strong circulation base of subscribers and newsstand purchasers, Excellence soon became the premier venue to sell products to Porsche owners.

The combination of strong editorial content and lavish photography by recognized Porsche authorities, coupled with hundreds of ads offering products for Porsches transformed Excellence from a mere car magazine into a resource for the Porsche community. A survey indicated 90% of readers found the advertising useful and 91% of readers saved their copies for future reference. Many enthusiasts considered Excellence essential for the full enjoyment of their cars.

Excellence continues to thrive as the most widely read independent Porsche magazine in the world. While the internet cannot supplant the printed magazine, it has become an important resource with a rapidly growing audience. Excellence is making a substantial investment in upgrading its website and will be featuring a large amount of content from past and current issues of Excellence. Just as Excellence is the most popular Porsche magazine in the world, we plan to make excellence-mag.com your favorite Porsche resource on the web.

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