Porsches for Sale FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Porsche for sale ad cost?
There is no charge to list or sell a Porsche in the “Porsches for Sale” section of the Excellence website. It is free and self-service.

How do I place an ad for my Porsche for sale?
An ad can be created and submitted with the New Ad tool.

There are 3 simple steps:
1. fill in a form with information about your Porsche for sale.
2. select and upload photos of your Porsche for Sale (at least 1 photo of your car for sale is required).
3. review your ad and click the “submit” button once satisfied with your ad.

Ads are usually reviewed and approved within the following business day.

How long do ads run for?
Ads run for 90 days. You are provided with a special delete link you can use to remove your ad at any time, should your Porsche sell before the 90 days has expired, or you decide to take the car off the market.

Do you accept ads for parts, wheels, tires, accessories, etc?
No, we no longer provide space for parts and accessory ads, only vehicles for sale.

Do you accept “wanted” ads?
No, we do not provide space for “wanted” ads.

Do you accept ads for auctions?
No, we do not accept ads for autions. Ads should be for a car for sale with a reasonable asking price that would be accepted today, if offered in the absense of better offers.

Can I edit my ad?
You can only edit your ad prior to submitting it for approval. After that, you are only able to delete and resubmit the ad.

How do I remove my ad?
In your approval email there is a special delete link you can use to remove your ad at any time. If you have lost your approval email, send an email or contact us requesting your delete link and we will resend it.

Why are you requiring me to list my Porsches for sale as a “dealer?”
By our definition, anyone listing more than 2 cars for sale a year, or more than 1 car at a time, is a dealer and must identify as such for your ads to be approved.

Why do you have your own definition of a “dealer?”
We’re not so concerned about what a dealer is as we are about who is a private seller. Our definition of a dealer is broad so as to include brokers, agents, restorers and modifiers. Any time a buyer is dealing with a business we consider the seller not to be a “private seller.”

But I’m not a business, just a collector, why do I have to list as a “dealer?”
Occasionally, enthusiast collectors want to sell multiple cars at a time, or more during a year. When this happens, they meet our definition of a dealer, despite not being a business. They are also required to list as a dealer, but we allow a clarifying statement in the ad’s description.

Can I place an ad for my Porsche for sale in the Excellence print magazine?
We moved the Porsches for sale classifieds from the print magazine to the web some time ago, but you are still welcome to place an ad in the print magazine. For info on placing an ad, contact the Excellence Advertising Director.

I think one of the ads posted on the Porsches for Sale section of the Excellence website may be a scam or fraud. What should I do?
If you see problems with an ad or have an interaction with a seller that might indicate a scam or fraud, please email us and let us know what the problems are. Be sure to review the Avoiding Fraud and Scams best practices before considering a purchase. If you suspect or are a victim of fraudulent activity, please report it to the U.S. Internet Crime Complaint Center (www.ic3.gov) and the Federal Trade Commission (www.ftc.gov)

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