Issue 297

February 2023

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Issue 297 cover


  1. Rennsport Strassenversion?

    We head to Silverstone to test the new 992 GT3 RS.

  2. Building the Perfect Beast

    We go to Pennsylvania to experience a 640-hp supercharged 991.1 Carrera S.

  3. Line Drive

    On the road in SoCal in a wide range of four-door Porsche hybrids.

  4. Full Article

    Dialed Up to 11

    What do you get when you install a 997 Cup racer’s engine in a 1972 911?

  5. Market Update: 1965-1973 911

    We value the first air-cooled 911s.

  6. Unassuming Gem

    A well-worn 356B racer is restored into something outstanding.

  7. Modern Porsche Cooling System Tech

    We look at the technology behind keeping contemporary Porsche powerplants cool.

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