Issue 282

June 2021

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Issue 282 cover


  1. Cherry Bomb

    We hit the road in the new 992 Targa 4S Heritage Design Edition.

  2. Charged Up

    A Taycan 4S Plus and Turbo S attempt to set electric car endurance records.

  3. RSRs Were Born to Race

    This 1974 RSR is one of the most original ones still in existence.

  4. Market Update: 996 & 997

    We value Porsche’s first water-cooled 911s.

  5. Full Article

    Automatically Better?

    The six-speed and PDK 718 Cayman GT4s face-off on track in Germany.

  6. A Tale of Three Noses

    The first 911 Turbo sold in Canada has been a stock 930, a 935 Slantnose, and a steel-fendered Flachbau.

  7. The Most Incredible Victory

    In June 1977, Porsche’s “improvised” Type 936/77 took on the full-court press of four Renaults at Le Mans.

  8. Full Article

    Road Trip Essentials

    We look at the basic selection of items that can keep you from being stranded.

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