Issue 256

August 2018

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Issue 256 cover


  1. Australian Outlaw

    Built for F1 star Daniel Ricciardo and his father, this 912/6 “Outlaw” is the epitome of old-school driving purity.

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    Shaken & Stirred

    This hard-core 911 3.0 SC-based Martini RSR clone ticks all the right boxes.

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    Half a Million Kilometers

    This Singapore-based 964 is likely the highest mileage RS in the world.

  4. 996 vs. 997 Carrera 4S Comparo

    How do the two best-value used 911 Carrera 4Ss compare?

  5. Rallye Sport

    A 924 Turbo is raced in Monte Carlo by Jürgen Barth and Roland Kussmaul.

  6. Market Update: 1950-1965 356

    We value Porsche’s first sports cars.

  7. Taking in “The Porsche Effect”

    The Petersen Museum puts some of Porsche’s finest machines on exhibit.

  8. Porsche’s Most Enigmatic Model

    The first Porsche to be built expressly for racing was the 356 America Roadster.

  9. March-Porsche

    March race cars became popular after 956s were outlawed by IMSA.

  10. Porsche Aerodynamics

    We look at how Porsche designs its cars to cut through the air.

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