Modest Macadamia Monster

This 408-hp 2011 Boxster S is a sleeper on the street and a beast on the track.

May 18, 2017
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Fred Pack, the owner of our featured 2011 Boxster (987.2) S, popped onto my radar when the internet first exploded in popularity. He contacted me out of the blue to say I ought to do a story about an online user group called “Porschephiles.” (To help you understand what this was, think of it as an embryonic Rennlist.) He has been a friend ever since, and when he calls to talk cars, I listen.

Recently, Pack wanted to speak about his “drive to the track” Boxster S. That surprised me since I last heard he bought a 2004 911 (996) GT3 for both PCA Drivers’ Ed events and

daily use. Curious, and sensing another good tale, we met at the New Jersey Motorsports Park in Millville, New Jersey where he was participating in a track-day gathering.

“I wanted to simplify my track hobby and have only one car at a time,” Pack explained as we sat next to the race course. “[Plus] I don’t have room at my house for my wife’s sedan, a track car, an SUV and a trailer.” His goal was to make his daily driver also serve as his track-day Porsche. He’s so committed that he tows a trailer behind his Porsche to carry his racing wheels and tires. He’s owned seven other Porsches—two of them Boxsters. And while he always had dedicated track cars in the past, he occasionally got to drive his modern mid-engine marvels on the track.

“I remember enjoying those cars immensely, so I decided to try the Boxster layout again,” Pack continued. In 2011, he searched Porsche’s online dealer stock for a car that matched what he had in mind. It had to be a 310-hp 987.2-gen Boxster S, as he wanted the additional 55 horsepower it had over the 255-hp base model. He also required that it have a six-speed manual transmission, Sport seats (so he could fit a six-point racing harness), Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) suspension,

the Sport Chrono Package, and a limited-slip differential. The pursuit of a suitable model online came up empty. Undeterred, Pack ordered a brand-new Boxster S finished in Macadamia Metallic paint, with a Black interior, and a Red convertible top.

Track-Day Transformation

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