Issue 238

August 2016

Available as a Back Issue

Issue 238 cover


  1. Fantastic Four?

    What are the new flat-four-powered 2017 718 Boxsters really like?

  2. Full Article

    Born to Run

    There can be only one, and this is it—the winningest car in Spec 911 history.

  3. Market Update: 964 & 993

    We value the final air-cooled 911s.

  4. Sabel-Porsche Mk. 1

    A special Porsche-powered racer.

  5. Full Article

    Porsche Quest

    A 1972 911T is transformed into a hot-rodded RS tribute.

  6. Paxton Powered by Porsche

    A unique Porsche-powered concept car.

  7. Interview: Barbara Boeckenhoff

    Manager of Porsche Exclusive North America

  8. Special Models

    Special Wishes 911 Carrera RSs

  9. Porsche Braking Systems

    A look at what’s behind a Porsche’s great stopping power.

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