Issue 225

February 2015

Available as a Back Issue

Issue 225 cover


  1. Bookend Andials

    The first and last creations from Andial

  2. Tin-Top Respect 356

    This 1951 356 restoration was a labor of love

  3. Full Article

    Jägermeister 962

    This 962’s days on the track are far from over

  4. 5 Best Porsche Buys

    Used Porsches at reasonable prices

  5. Fifteen Lollipops

    An owner bids farewell to his IROC RSR

  6. The Kiwi 912

    A DIY 912 by a New Zealand enthusiast

  7. Celebrating the Rennmezger

    Hans Mezger: Porsche engineer extraordinaire

  8. Full Article

    Restore the Shore 944

    You can’t keep a good 944 racer down

  9. 2015 Cayenne

    Porsche adds more sizzle to its best seller

  10. Rally-Inspired T

    Neither tribute car nor replica

  11. Mechanical Limited-Slip Diffs

    We explain how Limited-Slip Diffs work

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