Issue 217

April 2014

Available as a Back Issue

Issue 217 cover


  1. Porsche 918 Spyder

    Redefines hybrid and sports car

  2. 902 “Prototype”

    The oldest four-cylinder 911

  3. Full Article

    Best of Both Worlds

    DeMan Motorsports crosses Cayman and 911

  4. Porsche Faces Life

    Dr. Porsche’s Auto Union Type 22 supercar

  5. Hooked on Hills

    Have some fun! Run a hill climb!

  6. Profile: Joaquim Filipe Nogueira

    An early Porsche racing hero from Portugal

  7. Full Article

    Yesterday, Once More

    Erasing a bad memory with a custom Turbo

  8. Peking-to-Paris Porsche

    8,000 miles in a 1965 911

  9. American Racers

    Ex-SCCA and Trans-Am 911s

  10. Alpha 9 Turbo

    From a new player on the performance scene

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