Issue 202

August 2012

Available as a Back Issue

Issue 202 cover


  1. The Third Ferdinand

    F.A. Porsche, 1935-2012

  2. Hands-On 550

    A badly burned parts car returned to glory.

  3. Cornpanzer

    700+ horses on ehanol? Who needs race gas?

  4. Way Forward

    Lower, louder, sharper, grippier, better?

  5. Real Carreras Have 4 Cams

    A clean white coupe gets all four cams back.

  6. Full Article

    Olive Tart

    A proper S-T conversion, four decades later.

  7. Pandora's Box

    A forgotten SoCal racer is back on track.

  8. Full Article

    Scowl Wagon

    A $125 Porsche restored—for less than $3,200.

  9. Pandora’s Box

    A forgotten SoCal racer is back on track.

  10. Smart Buy: 1984-86 911 Carrera

    The intersection between 911s old and new.

  11. I No Drive?

    ACC InnoDrive: The ultimate "driver aid?"

  12. Interview

    John Bishop, Speed Merchant

  13. Tech Forum

    M96 Water Pump Issues

  14. Hydro No?

    Why one suspension genius believes Porsche's unloved dampers were abandoned too soon.

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