Issue 183

June 2010

Available as a Back Issue

Issue 183 cover


  1. Tested: 2010 GT3 RS

    Noticeably better than a standard GT3?

  2. Nürburgring Preview

    Why you won’t be missing 2010’s 24-hour.

  3. Simpler Days

    T, E, S…we assemble and test-drive all three 1971 911s.

  4. Full Article

    The Lonely Hunter

    Driving Porsche’s rarest hunter.

  5. Michael Macht

    Porsche’s new CEO talks about the future.

  6. 918 Spyder Preview

    A look under the skin of Porsche’s plug-in hybrid.

  7. Full Article

    The 700 Club

    Two 997 Turbos claiming 700 horses go head-to-head

  8. First Verse

    Can a tweaked 993 Turbo dance with 700-hp 997 Turbos?

  9. PDK Racer

    A Canadian couple builds the first 911 racer with PDK.

  10. Market Update

    356 and 912: Rear-engined, flat-four classics.

  11. Sebring 2010

    Porsche wins in LMP2 but falls victim in GT.

  12. Boxster Spec

    Can you race a modern Porsche on a budget? Yes.

  13. Project 914 3.6

    Getting into the good stuff: Reassembly.

  14. Fob 4 Less

    Fix—don’t replace—that broken 986/996 key. For $3.

  15. Tech Forum

    Intermediate shaft replacement, Part 1.

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