Issue 180

February 2010

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Issue 180 cover


  1. Full Article

    Point One

    Think you know all of the 911 SC variations? Think again.

  2. Full Article

    The Hard Way

    Testing Porsche's Sport PASM setup for the 997.

  3. PREVIEW: 2010 Boxster Spyder

    A righteous roadster.

  4. Lesson Learned

    Bergmeister didn't back down this time...

  5. Full Article

    The Big Guns

    The top street 911 and Corvette face off.

  6. FOUND: The T-B 911

    The Panamera of the Pan Am Era.

  7. The Next Cup

    Tire testing with the first 2010 GT3 Cup in America.

  8. The Right Stuff

    A 997 GT2 with some very trick technology.

  9. Market Update

    1989-98 964 and 993, the last air-cooled 911s.

  10. INTERVIEW: Dirk Werner

    A 22-year-old racing champion.

  11. Project Cayman

    Lightweight seats weighed, installed, and tested.

  12. How Not to Own a 944

    Epilogue: Pleasure through pain.

  13. Tech Forum

    Tire pressure monitoring systems, Part 1.

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