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“I didn’t have much money left to spend, so I brought the car to a local Maaco paint place and had a single-stage paint job done on it,” says Johnsen. “It kind of worked out, though, because it only had a single-stage paint job on it when it was in the movie. So, in a way, this cheap paint job is more true to how it really was in the film than if I had an expensive two-stage base/clear paint job done — which wasn’t an option anyway!”

Now that Johnsen had, in fact, found one of the cars he was documenting the search for, he focused on putting together the rest of his documentary, which includes interviews with Curtis Armstrong — who played Miles in the film — as well as producer Avnet and writer/director Brickman. He is also in the process of booking interviews with Rebecca DeMornay as well as the elusive Tom Cruise. While the latter may prove tough to pin down, Johnsen got what he was really after: the car. Funny thing is, he’s no longer sure he’ll keep it.

“I realized that what I was really chasing was an illusion, and you can’t drive one of those home and park it in your garage,” says Johnsen. “The only way to really have the RB 928 is to buy a DVD of Risky Business — as the car only truly exists there. I merely have an artifact left over from a great movie.”

Cruise would probably look back on it as a great movie, too. He netted a Golden Globe nomination in 1984 for his performance as Joel Goodsen — considered by many as the role that launched his career — and Risky Business went on to become one of the biggest cult classic films of the 1980s. It also exposed the Porsche brand to a whole new generation of future buyers. Many first-time Porsche owners today were teenagers sitting, with mouths agape, in a dark theater 20+ years ago.

Johnsen was one of them. For now, he has put the sole known RB 928 survivor on display in the Forney Museum of Trans-portation in Denver while he finishes up his documentary. But the car will be used for promotional purposes at least once more. Upon acceptance, Johnsen hopes to bring the RB 928 to the Sundance Film Festival in January of 2008 — to promote The Quest for RB 928’s world premier.

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