Issue 157

August 2007

Available as a Back Issue

Issue 157 cover


  1. Full Article


    Can’t get a new RS? Here’s an even faster GT3

  2. Preview: CTR3

    Ruf’s wildest supercar by far

  3. Glimpse In Time

    IROC unpublished—until now

  4. Remembered

    Jack McAfee, 1923-2007

  5. Inside Weissach

    Going straight to the source

  6. Three Kings

    A 356 concours hat trick

  7. Ferry’s RS 2.7

    The Doctor’s own Carrera

  8. Full Article

    Quest for RB 928

    Found: the most famous 928

  9. Market Update

    1974-89 911s

  10. Reader Sales Reports

    Real Porsches, real prices paid

  11. Spied!

    2008’s 997 GT2 is just around the corner

  12. Interview: Bobby Rahal

    Serious Porschephile

  13. SC to Speedster

    A 2,000-lb, 3.6-liter 911 bathtub

  14. IMSA GT3 Cup

    Why things can only get better…

  15. 924S/944/968 Technical

    A mess-less oil filter?

  16. Tech Forum

    Questions & Answers

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