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Guy did have one close shave the nineties, but Blue was in the workshop and he was driving a rental. In a freak accident, he was sandwiched between two trucks when one rolled back and the other pushed him forwards under the flatbed of the first. Luckily, Guy emerged without a scratch, but the rental car was written off.

While Blue is in unbelievably good condition considering its age and mileage, it’s not totally original. The paint has been renewed twice and the interior once. The former shows a few fade marks on close inspection, while the chrome on the hubcaps has worn a bit thin from five decades of cleaning and polishing. Blue is no potential Concours d’Elegance winner, but there is a good chance of scoring full marks for originality and mileage in use.

The carburetor-fed 1.6-liter flat-four motor runs like a Swiss watch, probably better than new, as it has long since fully loosened up and is treated with maximum mechanical sympathy. Guy’s strict maintenance regime, which involves religiously changing the engine oil every 3,000 miles, and stripping and rebuilding the motor every decade or so, three times so far, is no doubt a contributing factor here.

“The only major mechanical drama was at 800,000 miles, when the crankshaft gave up the ghost with the engine turning at quite high revs,” Guy explained. “And, in late 2013, my mechanic of 40 years had to fettle the transmission with three new bearings. Other than that I have never had a mechanical problem,” he said, patting the motor.

With just 16,000 miles to go before Blue reaches the magic million-mile mark, Guy is debating just how and where he will hit the big one. “I could drive over to New York or up to Seattle, but I would like to cross the millionth mile doing something far more special and meaningful,” he tells me with a thoughtful expression on his face.

As Blue approaches its 50th anniversary, which falls on October 1st this year, Guy is planning a big birthday bash for his star car. “I’ve rented a car museum and will throw a party there, he said. “The booking has already been made, and just a small group of friends will be invited. The only thing I don’t know is exactly what the mileage will be by then.”

Late last year, Guy had a big scare that he thought was going to ruin his plans, when Blue suddenly disappeared from his garage. He had visions of his car in a container on its way to some far-flung continent, or in a chop shop somewhere. A massive internet campaign to find Blue ensued, and sympathetic car buffs all over the world went on the lookout for the missing Porsche.

The irony was that Blue had never even left the neighborhood. The kids who broke into Guy’s garage did not succeed in hot-wiring the car, and then tried to bump start it by simply pushing it down the hill.

That did not work, either, and Blue ended up in some thickets on the edge of a neighbor’s garden. When the car was discovered a few days later, his neighbor alerted Guy, who said he literally started breathing again. Luckily, no damage was done to the car and the wiring was quickly repaired, but woe betide those teenagers if their identity is ever discovered.

“I would really like to bring the car back to Germany and see the millionth mile click over on the Nürburgring Nordschleife,” he says with conviction. Now that would be a fitting present for the car that has been Guy Newmark’s constant companion for nearly 50 years.

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