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There cannot be many other Porsches out there that have achieved such a stratospheric mileage, but frankly it does not show on a car that has been so lovingly cared for. “There is nothing better for a car than regular exercise in the dry Southern California climate,” said Guy, a bona fide voice of experience in such matters.

Guy lets his gaze wander down the beach and then back to the rear of his little Coupe. “Even after all these years, I never grow tired of looking at its soft curves and perfect proportions,” he says, pushing the cap back on his bald head.

For Guy, life with this living legend began in 1968, when his father gave him the then four-year-old 356C as a high school graduation present. “That’s the reason Dad gave at the time, but I rather suspect it was because he needed a good excuse to go out and buy a brand new Porsche 911,” said Guy with a mischievous grin.

Newmark Senior became a Porsche enthusiast after owning an Austin Healey, then a Jaguar E-Type, followed by two Mercedes SLs. When he finally succumbed to the charms of the 356, he became a Porsche customer for life.

“My Dad paid less than $5,000 for the car in 1964, taking it off the hands of its original owner who had collected it from the factory while on vacation in Europe,” explained Guy. “He drove it on the autobahn and then had it shipped back to the States. It was just eight weeks old with less than 1,000 miles on the clock when my Dad bought it, and has been in our family ever since.”

“When I inherited the car, it had only done around 40,000 miles,” said Guy, recalling his early bonding years with the Porsche. “But I started to pile on the miles very quickly from there.”

As the right-hand-man in his father’s yacht business, Guy often had to get in the Porsche and drive halfway across the country to seal a deal. “There was no e-mail, not even faxes in those days,” he said. “If you wanted to buy or sell a boat, you had to go and get the signature and the check in person.”

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