Issue 214

November 2013

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  1. 2014 Porsche GT3

    You'll never miss the third pedal

  2. Full Article

    Backdated SC

    A 1978 911 in name only

  3. Ruf R56.11 and RCT Evo

    A "modern" 356 and Alois' own 911

  4. Icon: Tony Lapine

    In the words of those who knew him

  5. Pikes Peak 2013

    Jeff Zwart takes his "hybrid" to the top

  6. Full Article

    Racers After 5:00

    The ex-Aase Bros. IMSA 911 GTU

  7. IROC 911

    40 years ago, Penske had an idea

  8. Project 911 993

    Part1: Bits in the oil

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