Issue 197

December 2011

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  1. Driven

    2012 Panamera Diesel

  2. Interview

    Cam Ingram

  3. Full Article

    2011 911 GT3 RS 4.0

    A closer look at the 997's closing act.

  4. Michael Mauer on the 991

    Porsche's design head discusses the next 911.

  5. 1950 356 cabriolet

    An awfully alluring Pre-A Porsche.

  6. Full Article


    One man's take on simpler Porsche pleasures.

  7. Falken's change of pace

    Turns out, David can beat up Goliath.

  8. 1994 911 RS America

    A 964 heads back to the street with a new look after several years of racing.

  9. 1978 928: A lovely old shed

    On the finer points of Porsche's first V8 car.

  10. Project 914 3.6 — Part 18.5

    Yeah, we thought we were done, too...

  11. Slave and master cylinder

    We tackle a repair that many older Porsches might need, our 1989 944 included.

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