Issue 194

September 2011

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  1. Full Article

    Global Motorsports Group GT3 RS

    Driven: GMG GT3 RS

  2. Full Article

    C Speedster

    A car Porsche never built, but did, in 1976.

  3. 2011 Cayenne S

    Driven: 2011 Cayenne S

  4. Version 4.0

    First drive in Porsche's ultimate RS.

  5. The Accidental 911

    An early S coupe that accidentally ended up in the right hands.

  6. The Win

    One race official asks an unexpected question: Did the King of Cool win overall?

  7. Impact

    How off-road racing left an indelible impression on "Mr. Le Mans."

  8. The Longest Day

    How a 924 won America's other 24-hour race.

  9. Growing Up Porsche

    The fast family Novack.

  10. Willi Kauhsen

    Interview: Willi Kauhsen

  11. Used Porsche Pick: 911 RS America

    Used Porsche Pick: 911 RS America

  12. Buyers Guide: 996s & 997s

    Buyers Guide: 996s & 997s

  13. Tech Forum: Air-oil separators

    Tech Forum: Air-oil separators

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