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With the car running and road-worthy, Hendry turned his attention to other systems, starting with the air-conditioning — which wasn’t blowing cold. Says Hendry: “Open the dictionary to the word ‘porous’ and you’ll find a picture of the factory A/C lines!” He and Moore decided to leave the system alone. A recharge was in order, but they saw no practical reason to do it on a car that won’t be driven. Once a pair of new OEM-type batteries was installed, everything was buttoned back up.

“Our goal was to make it look as if we hadn’t been in there at all,” says Hendry, who is thankful to have had the chance to work on such a car. “It’s extraordinary. The vinyl smells new. There is no crunchy feel to the seats, no sense that the vinyl has become brittle, that the carpets have shrunk. It all has a new, supple feel.”

He’s right. The car’s only visible sign of aging is a slight delamination of the interior rearview mirror glass. After that, it’s a total time warp. The original orange paper sticker on the retracting antenna is visible through the left door-hinge post, and looks as if it was installed yesterday. Even the original Dunlops look fresh.

“They have flat spots, but that’s okay,” says Moore. He and his friends are still trying to figure out why these 36-year-old tires — along with all of the rubber trim on the car — have no cracks and show no sign of deterioration. Hendry thinks it may be due to a lack of ozone exposure. 

In the meantime, Moore has fulfilled his promise to Lyn­ette DeMonte and her family. He’s presented “The Ray Allen 911T” at the Huntington Beach Concours, the Newport Beach Concours, the Palos Verdes Concours, and “Cars and Coffee” in Irvine. Each time, the pristine T and its incredibly complete documentation have wowed onlookers. Moore is determined to keep miles to a minimum, but was kind enough to bring it out so that we could get some photos in daylight.

“I fire it up regularly,” he says. “But, of course, I don’t drive it unless it’s entered in a competition. It’s transported everywhere.” The car starts instantly and idles smoothly. From the crystal-clear instruments to the sparkling off-white headliner, there isn’t a single scratch or mar in the interior. The same is true outside. The glass is unmarked, and the underbody looks like it just rolled off the transporter at the dealership.

“How this remained a secret from the outside world still amazes me,” Moore says. “I’ve got Curt and Jared to thank for it. Without their help — and Casey’s — it would have never happened. I’m one lucky guy.” Lynette DeMonte says she feels pretty lucky, too, having found someone who enjoys taking care of the purple Porsche her step-father treasured.

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