Issue 175

August 2009

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  1. Full Article

    The Character

    First drive in Porsche’s 2010 997 GT3

  2. Power Breakfast

    Driving a 917/10 at Boxberg

  3. Island In The Fun

    Rally Clasico Isla Mallorca

  4. Gesetzloser

    A Germanic take on the 356 outlaw

  5. Full Article

    The Allen T

    An all-original, 700-mile 911T

  6. Tube-Frame

    Titan the ultimate 944: Raetech’s racer

  7. Say What?

    First exposure to the 2010 Panamera

  8. Jaded

    A rather unusual shade of 914

  9. Market Update

    1974-89 911

  10. Reader Sales Reports

    Real Porsches, real prices paid

  11. Model Citizen

    The collector with 100,000 Porsches

  12. The Search For 16

    Air-cooled 16V heads? maybe…

  13. Icons


  14. Project 914 3.6, Part 12

    One mistake, much progress

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