Risky Business 928 to be auctioned

"Who is the U Boat Driver?" 0

“Who is the u-boat commander?”

Any 928 fan worth his salt will remember these famous words from a Porsche service manager in Risky Business. The service manager utters this phrase after opening the door of Joel’s (Tom Cruise) borrowed 928, allowing part of Lake Michigan, and a couple of fish, if I remember correctly, to cascade out.

Fans of the SciFi channel may recognize Profiles in History from their show Hollywood Treasure, featuring the aforementioned company selling a variety of movie memorabilia, from the Wizard of Oz’s Wicked Witch of the West’s hat to now Cruise’s sodden Porsche.

While Profiles’ web site doesn’t have the car listed yet, the Wall Street Journal says it hits the auction block in July.

You can read the full story on finding the car here on our website.

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