Issue 310

August 2024

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  1. Unleashing the Beast

    Ruf’s twin-turbo engine swap turns this 993 Carrera RS into a machine that eats GT2s of its era for breakfast.

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    Bold aesthetics and a six-speed make for an extra fun 718 Boxster.

  3. Market Update: 1974-1989 911

    We value the popular 2.7, 3.0 SC, and Carrera 3.2 911s.

  4. Road Trip Junkie

    A father and son embark on an epic drive in their 1959 356A Cabriolet.

  5. Off the Beaten Path

    Before Porsche released its 911 Dakar, some enthusiasts were already doing the same type of thing with classic 911s.

  6. Tribute to Taycan

    With the Taycan, Porsche created a completely new automobile.

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    Air Sprung

    The Panamera’s new Active Ride suspension is a game-changer.

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