Issue 307

April 2024

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  1. Driving Legend

    Chassis #030 is the only 917 converted for road use by the factory. Today, we experience it on track as well as on public streets.

  2. Motorsport Refinement

    The 992 GT3 stands as a near-perfect machine. What enhancements does the Manthey Racing package bring to elevate it even further?

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    Undeniably Distinctive

    The 992 Targa 4 GTS looks impressive, but does its performance live up to its striking appearance?

  4. Market Update: Boxster & Cayman

    We value Porsche’s modern entry-level sports cars.

  5. 911 Turbos at Le Mans

    Porsche went to Le Mans 50 years ago with two turbo-boosted RSR Carreras. Only concern for the needs of an important client kept them from a chance to win.

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    Large & Recharged

    Porsche’s new E-Hybrids bring bigger batteries and more power to the table, but it’s the details that make the magic.

  7. Brake Friction Components

    There is much more to brake pads and rotors than most people realize.

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