Issue 305

December 2023

Available as a Back Issue

Issue 305 cover


  1. Green Performance

    Ruf’s 992 Turbo S-based RT885/92 is hypercar fast yet civil.

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    Cottage Industry

    We head to the English heartlands to see a 1972 911E-based 935 clone that perfectly epitomizes the ethos of “built, not bought.”

  3. Full Circle

    A successful amateur racer found his very first 911 race car after 20 years. What he decided to do with it next leads, and is leading to, some profound life experiences.

  4. Simple Pleasures

    This carbon fiber 912 blurs the line between restomod and modern reinterpretation.

  5. Market Update: 996 & 997

    We value Porsche’s first water-cooled 911s.

  6. It’s Electric

    Is a Tesla-powered 914 a modern-day hot rod, or does it break some unwritten rule? The fact that it goes like a classic 911 Turbo doesn’t hurt.

  7. The First Four-Door Porsche

    Though never reaching the full prototype stage, the 989 had great in-house appeal.

  8. Full Article

    Perfecting the Panamera

    For its third act, the Type 971 Porsche sedan looks set to offer more poise and refinement than ever before—all without losing its edge.

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