Issue 300

June 2023

Available as a Back Issue

Issue 300 cover


  1. Revolution 956

    In 1982, Porsche 956 chassis 002 kicked off the biggest winning streak in motorsport history. For issue #300, we get behind the wheel of this legendary race car.

  2. Full Article

    Evolution of the Yellowbird

    Ruf’s newest version of the CTR mixes the original ultra-high-performance 911 concept with modern technology.

  3. 37 Years. 300 Issues.

    Tom Toldrian relates the struggle to establish Excellence and comments on notable achievements along the way.

  4. Market Update: 911 GT2, 911 GT3 & Cayman GT4

    We value the road-legal sports cars that are perfect for the track.

  5. Going Faster

    Skip Barber sold his iconic four-cam-powered Carrera for this “ordinary” (but extraordinary) 356B Coupe.

  6. Porsche & Red Bull: What Went Wrong?

    It was supposed to be the motorsport deal of the century. But after weeks of speculation, boardroom intrigue and delays, a Formula One partnership between Porsche and Red Bull stalled just as the finish line was in sight.

  7. Speedster Meets the Seven Seas

    The spirit of the Porsche Speedster lives a boat?!

  8. The Ultimate Hybrid

    We look back at the 918’s development as we near a decade since it went into production.

  9. Interview: Mathieu Jaminet

    We catch up with 2022 IMSA GTD Pro co-champion Mathieu Jaminet, who is moving up to the 963 LMDh prototype program in 2023.

  10. Full Article

    The Hen’s Tooth

    Porsche once considered building a production Ferrari fighter out of the 914 called the 916. We look at one of the few examples of these machines to make it into private hands.

  11. Porsche 963 LMDh Tech

    We look at the technology underpinning Porsche’s new prototype racer.

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