Issue 294

October 2022

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Issue 294 cover


  1. Retro Package, Modern Punch

    Porsche’s 992 Sport Classic combines 911 Turbo power with rear-wheel drive and a seven-speed manual gearbox.

  2. A Most Unusual Engine

    During the days of cutting up early 911s without a second thought, this 911T got a powerplant made for a 935.

  3. Full Article

    Brabus’ Beast

    We get up to speed in the 820-hp 992 Turbo S-based Brabus 820.

  4. Northwest Authenticity

    Porsche 906-140 had a busy racing career in the Pacific Northwest before returning to Europe, still with some scars.

  5. Mud Wrestling

    Eurowise’s trail-bashing Cayenne is a Porsche with a very different skill set.

  6. Interview: Anny-Charlotte Verney

    For two decades, Verney was a pro driver. An endurance expert, she drove Le Mans ten times—nearly all in Porsches.

  7. Full Article

    Gen3 Porsche Formula E Tech

    We look at the most advanced form of electric auto racing’s next-generation.

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