Issue 246

June 2017

Available as a Back Issue

Issue 246 cover


  1. Bridging the Gap

    Meet Porsche’s 450-hp 2017 911 GTSs.

  2. Unlikely Survivor

    A 924 that’s likely the last Autobahnpolizei Porsche still in service.

  3. Market Update 1974–1989 911

    We value the second-gen air-cooled 911s.

  4. Emancipation Nine Eleven

    Some early 911 owners restore and pamper their rides. This one pushes his to the edge.

  5. Full Article

    Apollo 911

    What happens when you buy a 996 that’s got 243,000+ miles on the odometer?

  6. The First GTS

    With its sights set on the FIA GT class, Porsche developed its 904 Carrera GTS.

  7. Cayman Like a Cup Car

    A used Cayman S is bought off of a dealer lot and turned into a dominant racer.

  8. Out of Africa

    A 1973 911 2.7 RS African Safari Rally car once lost in Kenya is brought back to life.

  9. Full Article

    Tech issues owners encounter most

    We look at the technical issues that Porsche owners generally encounter most.

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