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Wild & Fast 996 Turbo

March 3, 2016
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The words “Porsche” and “bargain” don’t commonly go together. Calling practically any used Porsche a bargain will normally raise questions of its condition or if it came with a salvage title. Say the words “Porsche 911 Turbo” and “bargain” together and you’ll get an even more skeptical reaction. How can a 911 Turbo, the very Porsche that regularly puts down supercar 0-60 mph times and top speeds, be had for relatively cheap prices? The answer is simple economics.

For decades the 911 Turbo was a rare machine. From 1975-1980, just 7,348 were produced worldwide. From 1984-1989 Porsche made just 9,867 911 Turbos. Just 5,125 1991-1994 964 Turbos were built, and only 5,978 1996-1998 993 Turbos were made.

For the 2001-2005 996 generation 911, however, sales soared. Despite its six-figure price tag, a total of 22,062 996 Turbos were sold thanks to a generally robust economy. Since so many 996 Turbos were sold, the supply of them available is relatively high these days. The number of 996 Turbos (and 996s in general) available on the used market has created a buyer’s market. That’s why this generation of 911 Turbos can be had for as little as $30,000 these days. These prices have made owning a 911 Turbo accessible to more buyers.

Too Many Cooks Who Get it Right

“I think the floor for 996 Turbo prices has been reached, and they will start to go back up as all the prime, low mileage examples have been bought up,” said our featured car’s owner, Ravi Dolwani of Newport Beach, California.

When he first set out to buy a 911 Turbo, Dolwani was torn between a boosted 996 or 997. After searching online for several months, Dolwani thought he found the perfect car: a very clean Basalt Black 996 Turbo with only 12,000 miles listed for just under $50,000. But the demand for such a low-mileage and well-priced car did not work in his favor.

“While I was getting the keys for the test drive another potential buyer walked in and bought the car from right under me,” said Dolwani. When that deal didn’t work out, he continued to search for another car and found a listing for a heavily modified 996 Turbo on one of the Porsche forums. While tuned cars aren’t what every Porsche fan likes, a tweaked Turbo was just the sort of machine Dolwani envisioned himself driving on the backroads of Southern California.

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