Issue 179

December 2009

Available as a Back Issue

Issue 179 cover


  1. Monterey 2009

    Porsche is the star of autodom’s big week

  2. Keep The Faith

    1953 356 coupe with Southwest swagger

  3. The Red Man

    Brian Redman remembers the furious years of the 917

  4. 2010 911 Turbo

    Take two, with an all-new engine and much more

  5. Full Article

    Dig Deep

    One-owner 356 Speedster restored with a hidden edge

  6. Light Fanatic

    1,953-lb 911 street car from the last place you’d expect

  7. Killer Bee

    1976 911 race car with the sting of a 997 GT3 Cup

  8. Market Update

    The V8-powered, front-engined 928

  9. Porsches 2 Oxford

    Ohio’s Porsche get together got a bit wet

  10. Icons


  11. Sport Classic

    A 1970s throwback 911 with a 2070s price

  12. Project 914 3.6

    A rather momentous occasion: Paint!

  13. Full Article

    Porsche Airbag Systems

    Porsche airbags, and what to do as they age

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