Issue 177

October 2009

Available as a Back Issue

Issue 177 cover


  1. GT3 vs. GT3

    After a back-to-back drive, which one: 996 or 997?

  2. Maja Makers

    How Ferdinand Porsche made the switch to gas cars

  3. Full Article

    Short-Stroke Shootout

    Proper early 911 power

  4. Full Article

    Something New

    First drive in Porsche’s Panamera: Is it worthy?

  5. Grand Touring

    Gijs van Lennep + 1,000 miles + a 550 Spyder

  6. Wickedly Civil

    A drive in the ultra-rare 964 Turbo S2

  7. Gunslinger

    The fastest 930-powered 356 in the West?

  8. Le Mans 2009

    Ferrari deals a crushing blow to Porsche’s ego

  9. Interview: Paul Ritchie

    President, Porsche Motorsport NA

  10. Market Update: 911 Turbo

    The ultimate 911 street cars

  11. Porsche Parade

    PCA heads for the Colorado Rockies

  12. Icons


  13. Shakespeare on the Autobahn

    Piëch takes on Porsche

  14. Got Milk?

    A 79-cent fix for foggy 911 headlights

  15. Project 914 3.6, Part 13

    First drive, gauges, and other details

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