Why only expensive cars have carbon-ceramic brake rotors

Carbon ceramic rotors are expensive, as any owner of a Porsche so equipped can attest to. It costs $4,666.09 to buy one front rotor on a 2010 and up GT3 RS and $3757.45 for one rear rotor, and the older GT3 carbon-ceramic rotors cost even more. Some cars are sold for less than a complete set!

Here’s a story by the New York Times on the subject that provides insight into why every car doesn’t have these fantastic brakes. (You have to be a registered NY Times member to view it; membership is free.)


This article brings fond memories of a certain Top Gear car review years back, when carbon-ceramic brakes (and clutches in this case) were just hitting their stride in high-dollar cars. Enjoy:

Thanks to Jim Millick for tipping us off on this story.

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