Oldest 928 sold in North America to receive restoration

Oldest 928 sold in North America to receive restoration 1
This 928 was the sixth built. According to a letter from Porsche, it was one of ten pre-series models, used as a press car. In this photo, current owner Jim Doerr takes delivery of the same 928 years later. Photo courtesy Jim Doerr

Porsche recently celebrated its 60th anniversary by searching for the oldest Porsches in North America from each model line. The earliest front engine models that dominated the late ’70s through the early ’90s stand out from the crowd with their vibrant colors — a 928 and 944 in Guards Red, a 924 in Signal Green, and a Mint Green 968.

While recently perusing a car forum we came across this car. Scroll down and one of the pictures might seem familiar if you’ve examined the oldest known 928 sold in North America on the Porsche Classic Search website. According to Porsche it is the sixth 928 ever built, one of ten pre-production models used for press demonstrations. (A letter from Porsche on the first page of Doerr’s thread confirms this.)

The current owner, Jim Doerr, has taken it upon himself to perform a concours-quality restoration, according to his posts. We are happy that he has decided to preserve a piece of automotive history (the same car appeared in numerous automotive magazines, such as Road & Track), but we are even more excited that he plans to document the restoration online.

Keep track of the restoration by visiting his thread; it should provide some long-term entertainment, as Doerr estimates the restoration will take roughly ten years.

Meanwhile, take a look at the list of the oldest known Porsches sold in North America.

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