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Wynne’s eye for really nice Porsches evolved over the course of the last three decades. “My history with Porsches is a long one,” he explains. “My very first car was an orange 914 that I purchased at age 16. Since then, I’ve owned thirteen 911s and I still have six of them.” His life, however, wasn’t always so fortunate. Wynne essentially grew up on the streets of Los Angeles. As a youth, one of the forces that drove him to work hard and strive to succeed was the dream of owning his own Porsche 911 one day.

At age 18, Wynne’s stepdad helped him get a job at Northrup working on a production line as a structural mechanic. With the dream of a rear-engined sports car still vividly filling his imagination, Wynne went out and bought his first 911, a one-year-old 1986 911 Carrera 3.2 Cabriolet. “That was it. I was hooked!” he remembers.

But Wynne always felt like something was missing with each new model he owned after that first 911. Or perhaps he was just wanting more. In either case, it took him some time to figure out just which kind of 911 would satisfy him most. The truth is, it took Wynne a lot of soul searching to get to this point. He’s your prototypical R Gruppe member: a rebel without a cause who grew up with a chip on his shoulder that he conquered through sheer determination.

So it should come as no surprise that when Wynne and R Gruppe co-founder Cris Huergas met in 2014, they became fast friends. The meeting of the two motivated Wynne to seek out a classic long-hood 1965-1973 Porsche 911 that could be a worthy part of the R Gruppe family. That’s when a man named Phil Troiani and his early 911 entered the picture.

Troiani is an experienced auto mechanic and retired robotics engineer who lives in Santa Cruz, California. His lightning quick mind belies his 70+ years of age, and his ability to solve practically anything he sees as a challenge is revealed in the modifications he made to the 911 that he eventually sold to Wynne.

“I met Jerry by chance at one of (Bruce) Canepa’s Cars & Coffee meets,” says Troiani. “We were discussing paintless dent removal when Jerry asked to see my 911. He immediately offered to buy it. I had never even considered selling, but somehow it felt right to do so.”

When Troiani had originally found 911T #9112102774 back in 2006, it was worn out. It was a 1972 non-sunroof coupe that had been sitting for 15 years. The engine wouldn’t start and the transmission wouldn’t shift. But Troiani, who had bought and fixed up a 356 Speedster a few decades earlier, was up for a new challenge. It took seven years for him to complete the Metallic Blue 911, but the result is nothing short of remarkable.

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