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There is no way Porsche could call the entry-level turbocharged V6 the “Turbo,” because the next more powerful model already is the Turbo, and Porsche admitted there is room for a Turbo S model as well as a GTS in the near future…so we’ll leave that up to marketing. The more technically and fiscally challenging Hybrid is another matter entirely, and the engineers were clear this project was less of a priority and would also be a function of customer demand.

Known by the internal code M4630, the 3.0-liter V6 biturbo in the Macan S is a derivative of the M4660 motor first seen in the facelifted Panamera last year, but with Macan-specific air-intake system and cylinder heads.

Its 2997cc of displacement comes from an over-square bore and stroke of 96.0 × 69.0 mm, which gives the motor its smooth, free-revving character. While it has become fashionable to apply a longer stroke to modern engines for better torque characteristics, the resultant lower revving ability does not deliver the sporty character required of a Porsche motor.

In any case, whatever torque is lost by the mechanical advantage of a long stroke is easily made up for by the forced aspiration. With a 9.8:1 compression ratio, the 3.0L makes 340 hp between 5500 and 6500 rpm, with 339 lb-ft (460 Nm) of torque from 1450 to 5000 rpm.

The specific output of 113.4 hp/liter is good, if not a little modest for a high-performance turbo motor, suggesting plenty of headroom for future upgrades, especially as this motor is significantly detuned from the Panamera S installation where it makes 420 hp and 384 lb-ft (520 Nm) of torque.

Against the stopwatch the Macan S reaches 60 mph in 5.2 sec., 5.0 sec. if you tick the Sport Chrono Package with Launch Control. That 0.2-sec. advantage is held all the way to the 100-mph (160km/h) mark, which the SCP version attains in 13.0 sec. from rest. Top speed is 254 km/h (U.S: 156 mph).

That said, for long-term reliability as well as product differentiation, Porsche decided that the Turbo model should start life with a bigger engine. As 3.6 liters is a familiar displacement in the Porsche 911 flat-six engine family, it is no coincidence that the Macan V6 Turbo motor should also share these iconic numbers.

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