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However, the tuning industry was rocked late last summer when rumors abounded of the demise of both 9ff and SpeedArt due to financial woes. Because of this unfortunate news, we were really surprised—and quite happy—to see that Jan and two of his mechanics turned up for the 2013 event with a fairly stock-looking 997 Turbo.

“Our GT9 supercar nearly finished us, as we had put a huge amount of resources into developing the car and ordering parts,” Jan explained. “We had seven cars on order, five from our U.S. dealer, when the financial crisis hit in 2008 and everything stopped dead.”

Fortunately Jan was able to restructure the company and bury the debt along with 9ff Fahrzeugtechnik. Every other conversion his team offered is still viable and continues under the name 9ff Engineering GmbH, which commenced operations on November 1, 2013.

The first-generation 997 Turbo tweaked by the 9ff crew and brought to the party was actually in a relatively mild state of tune—only 820hp.

“The great thing about this conversion is the torque,” Jan explained. “You have 850 Nm (626.9 lb-ft) between 4000 and 7000 rpm, which gives flexibility like a huge rubber band. This is the first time we have done a conversion of this power without any internal modifications, so it is attractively priced and has become our best-selling conversion in recent months. I thought we should bring it to Nardó to show both our existing and would-be clients just how fast it is.”

The new hardware includes a pair of 9ff’s specially modified turbochargers, larger intercoolers, higher flow fuel injectors, an extra fuel pump in the tank, exhaust headers, a sport catalytic converter, and a free-flow exhaust system. Of course, the ECU is remapped with custom fueling, ignition, and boost parameters.

“This car showed 847 hp on the dyno, but our official spec sheet says 820 hp,” said Jan. “This conservative figure means we can be very sure that every car we convert will have at least this power.”

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