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And the first owner of Alex Finigan’s elegant ’67 was, yep, Herbert Dramm. He took delivery of this company car on August 24, 1966. It was finished in Slate Gray, a dark, exquisite hue. The leather interior is Beige; Finigan would call it “Bone.” And candidly, he says he’d dislike the interior if not for Dramm’s tastefully ordering tinted windows, elegantly darkening the interior’s appearance.

Dramm drove the car for about seven months, exchanging it for the next current product. It was put up for sale, and Carl Weber of Rockledge, Pennsylvania, got a buy you would’ve accepted without haggling. With 10,622 miles, it sold on June 28, 1967, for $5,100, no ups, no extras. Mr. Weber drove it about 14,000 miles from 1967 to 1981, after which it was put in storage until 2009. That was when Alex Finigan heard of this 24,000-miler from a Pennsylvania friend.

“I was going to start haggling for it,” Alex says, “but my friend said, are you crazy! With that mileage, it’s a fantastic deal. Just buy it as is. Which is exactly what I did.”

The car had been under covers for decades, and removing the covers revealed some industrial-strength patina. But if there’s one thing Finigan knows, it’s dealing with dead paint. The finish came around handsomely while still showing realistic signs of age.

The engine needed some Botox, too.

A teardown revealed most of it was perfect, but the valve springs had been frozen in position since the first Reagan Administration. These were renewed. And the engine, perhaps at Dramm’s specification, had the later 1967 Weber carburetors in place of ’66 Solexes. The fuel system and brakes were redone and…snap: It was 1967 all over again!

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