Bruce Anderson, 1938-2013

Bruce Anderson, 1938-2013 0

—Dan Proudfoot

I met Bruce many years ago, and though I have been around a lot of Porsche experts, I regarded Bruce as the most knowledgeable. His Porsche influence got my attention, but what really touched my life was his personality and morals. I always loved to see him and listen to his stories. My heart is with Stephanie, as she was always in his mind and he in hers.

—David Murry

Bruce Anderson was expert in an admirable number of areas: Porsches in particular, machinery in general, photography, writing, wine, cats, jazz, cuisine, and the often funny foibles of human nature. I was privileged to know him for some 40 years, and although from opposite coasts, we often crossed paths. It was always a treat to run into him on a press trip, at a race, a Porsche Club event, or for a fine meal with a bit of wine.

A seemingly endless font of knowlege regarding the 911—which, of course, resulted in his publication in many magazines and his books—he was more than willing to share his knowlege and freely did so. I learned far more than I can remember from his many technical session presentations, and from the times I phoned him up to ask for a curbside consult. Real stuff, useful and free of corporate spin, delivered perhaps with a humorous off-handed shot at the petty politics that sometimes swirled around him.

His knowlege and willingness to share was his passport into many worlds; once there, his open personality and sense of humor endeared him to many, even including the medical staff that cared for him during his last illness. There are, and will be, other Porsche experts, but never another Bruce.

—Leonard Turner

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