1989 911 Speedster


4,725 miles
Las Vegas, NV

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5 months ago

  • New/used: U
  • Year: 1989
  • Model: 911
  • Series: Speedster
  • Autowriter description: 1989 Porsche 911 Speedster

    Under the direction of then Porsche CEO Peter Schutz and executed by then Technical Director Dr Helmuth Bott, Porsche created the 911 Speedster. Evocative of the early spartan 356 Speedster of the 1950’s, Porsche believed this limited production model could be a good stop gap until the next generation 911 would arrive later that same year.

    Around 2,100 911 Cabriolets would be built to option code M503 (Speedster) for the entire world with the option either narrow body or wide body option code M491 (Turbo Look). A total of 823 speedsters made it to the USA in 1989, many of which were purchased by speculating collectors. This is ironic since Shutz had believed these cars could excel at club racing events around the country. Bott saw to it the cars arrived light weight having given up on power seats, mechanical top and rear seats. These cars are light and agile, making them one of the best driving G series ever to grace our shores.

    The car we present here today is arguably the finest original example available in the market place anywhere. The car was purchased by a Porsche enthusiast who was deployed over in Europe at the time of the release of the car in the US in 1989. When he returned to America he hunted down this example and has pampered it ever since. This car shows a mere 4700 original miles. Upon closer inspection you will find the car still wears its original wheels, tires and wheel weights! The bottom of the engine, suspension and undercarriage are still covered in factory cosmoline! This car has arrived to us in unbelievable shape.
    Everything on this car appears new from the leather on the steering wheel to the paint on the Fuchs wheels. The car drives like new as well. The car starts very easy. The motor is smooth and strong. The G50 gearbox shifts are fast and positive. It is literally like a time machine. It takes a little closer look to see how this example sets itself apart from all others, and the fact remains that this Speedster is incomproble. Contact Michael Deeb, Porsche Classic Manager, @ 702-330-4665, mdeeb@gaudinporschelv.com, for more information and to purchase this incredible Porsche.

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