1975 MFI Euro Carrera


30,000 miles
San Diego, CA


2 months ago

“European MFI Carrera” which is the mechanical equivalent of the legendary 1973 Carrera RS. These special Carreras feature the same mechanically fuel injected 911/83 2.7 RS engine and mechanicals as the original 73RS. The car, originally soft yellow over blue-black, was the very first factory car built for 1975, used by the factory for early photos and then sold to a private customer directly “out the back door”, rather than through normal channels. Later it was exported to Japan, where it was repainted white after receiving the required Japanese updates. It was then reimported by Freisinger, to Germany and then to the US. All import/export papers are present. The bottom of the car as well as the compartments are very clean and show in perfect white paint. There is absolutely no rust or evidence of crash or repairs to the tub. The “tea-tray” tail is original to the car and in great condition. Restored 7 and 8 × 15 Fuchs wheels with Pirelli tires are proper. A full stack of receipts are present, showing over $21,000 in engine work alone. Virtually every component was rebuilt or replaced and new proper coatings applied. Obviously, this Carrera runs and drives just as a 2.7 MFI RS should. This is overall a great example of a hard to find model. Owner’s Manuals, tools, the correct spare, compressor and red pressure bottle for the spare tire are present. A factory set of Recaro sport seats were recently upholstered and installed enhancing the already very presentable interior.

Additionally worth noting: Documentation is present from Jurgen Barth attesting to the originality and uniqueness of the car—this was a factory personnel car, the first car built for the rare Carrera program in 1975. The factory, via its archivist, Jens Torner, has confirmed that no records exist other than the COA, which does not list the motor or transmission number, nor rare rear wiper option, sport seats or black headliner. Both the engine and transaxle appear to have been pulled from the production line in late 1974, consistent with a factory personnel car.
VIN: 9115600011 Gearbox: 915 06 (space for open diff) stamped 7345308, Engine no.6641375, stamped 911/83, type 901 101 101 7R.

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