1991 964 C2 Targa Backdate


3,627 miles
Motorcar Gallery Ft Lauderdale, FL


3 months ago

This 1991 Porsche 911 Carrera 2 Targa has been converted into a backdated Outlaw. The retro 911 look has been attained with early 911 body panels complete with 930 Turbo flares. A full retro style interior has been added which includes early-look gauges and seats. The Targa roll bar has been brought back to an early 911 stainless steel finish and old school side view mirrors have been added as well.
The original 3.6 liter engine was treated to a full rebuild and now has twin plug heads, a performance chip, custom headers, and a full custom center-out exhaust. The stock G50 5-speed transmission has been retained and shifts beautifully. LED headlights and Fikse Fuchs-style forged alloy wheels complete the look of this very cool retro build.

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