1984 Porsche 944


78,931 miles
Grand Rapids, MI


3 months ago

“Dial 944”
With nearly a 50/50 front to rear weight ratio the Porsche 944 was more fun to drive, however not much faster than the 924, it was just a better car all the way around including handling, creature comforts and sportiness. The car was offered in a naturally aspirated 4-cylinder and Turbo variant. The model was built from 1984 through 1991. It was built in a hard top and cabriolet and has had some success on the race-track. The car struggled for years to find its identity when it came to the collector car world but since have had some stride. The cars have started to come up in value and people that have never spent much time with them really are quite shocked on how much of a pleasure they are to tour. This particular 944 was purchased by our consignor a few years back as a spare car and unfortunately is not being used, he purchased the car in 2015 and immediately had it taken to the local Porsche mechanic where about $3,000 worth of mechanical work was done to bring it up to spec. He then had a new blue-tooth stereo installed as well as tires and brakes. The car starts and drives perfectly with the paint still showing very good. The interior is a rare non-leather model that is good but not perfect. The dash cover is hiding some cracks and there is one small split in the passenger seat. Other than that, everything is in working order with no rust or rot.

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