Civilized Misfit

A Stunner of an R Gruppe 911

October 27, 2016
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Forget all those R Gruppe 911 stories

you’ve heard about flamboyant paint jobs,

outlandish modifications, loud engines,

stinky exhausts, and really harsh rides. This one’s different. Of course, calling one of these hot rod Porsches different borders on being cliché. Especially when you consider it belongs to a club that proudly calls itself “a merry band of misfits.” There’s one thing about clichés though. Sometimes they’re true.

While the exclusive 300-member R Gruppe club is filled with a wide assortment of impressive air-cooled Porsches, some of its long-term members have long been waiting for the next truly impressive car to show up at a gathering. But when all that rolled in were variations on the same well-used themes, the search began all over again. Then, for the first time in a long time, a car appeared that made practically everyone turn and look. That car is the one you see on these pages.

At the 2016 Porsche L.A. Lit and Toy Show, Jerry Wynne of Santa Clara, California showed up in this beautiful Metallic Blue 1972 911T. The car, which was built by a long-time enthusiast, had a more understated color, subtle-yet-attractive body modifications, and a high level of attention to detail that immediately made it different from the other, more radical machines also in attendance. Pop open the deck lid, however, and you can feast your eyes on an engine that leaves no doubt that this car is as much about “go” as it is about “show.”

In Search of the “Perfect” Porsche

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