Issue 181

April 2010

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  1. Full Article

    Hello, 8800 RPM

    3.9-liter GT3 RS and and 2010 GT3 3.8 hit the loop.

  2. Full Article

    Body and Mind

    The sexy 924 Carrera GTS and smart 944 face off.

  3. Home-School Outlaw

    A 1957 356A with 2.7-liter 911 power.

  4. One of None

    Building the 993 Porsche didn't offer: the Speedster.

  5. Against Goliath

    Taking aim at the Michelin Man.

  6. Layercake

    A deceptively subtle--and alluring--early 911.

  7. Pandora's Box

    A 550-hp 914 offering more than a bit of peril.

  8. The Quick Cuban

    The next speed fix: 3.4-liter 986.

  9. Market Update

    924, 944, and 968: the best Porsches on a budget?

  10. Carrera S Cabriolet

    A quick look at the state of the 911.

  11. Brake Time

    The great $70 caliper rebuild.

  12. Tech Forum

    Tire pressure monitoring systems, Part 2.

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