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1997 carrera
1997 carrera
1997 carrera

1997 Carrera


89,003 miles
San Luis Obispo, CA


2 months ago

This is an unusual offering, a CA Central Coast car, with the second (present) owner having it for nearly 18 years, and only parting with it because of a recent 6GT3 acquisition. This 993 car has 89,003 miles and can be summed up as streetable, very suitable for “Canyon Carving”, and DE ready. It has desirable Factory options: Option 220 Locking Differential & 4 channel ABS, Option 224 Active Brake Differential, Option 454 Cruise Control, Option 601 Litronic Headlights and Option 650 Sunroof and air conditioning too. There are fog lamps, removed for brake cooling vents, to be supplied. A clean Car FAX is available along with extensive maintenance and improvement records. Is it sorted out? In the words of Pro-Driver Craig Stanton, after driving the car at a DE around Buttonwillow Raceway for 20 minutes, “I recommend you only do two things to this car, wash it, or wax it…don’t change a thing. Leave it alone!”

EXTERIOR: Cosmetically the exterior is outstanding, with a “glass out” re-spray in late 2015, Grand Prix White with no road rash anywhere. Starting at the front, the car has a Carnewal.com Front Protection Bar, the front spoiler is a one (1)-piece GT2 style from Carnewal.com, stock 993 splitters to be provided. The front bumper cover was recently removed for a re-spray to address minor road rash, EXPEL can be installed when the paint is 100% cured. Recently installed is a Factory tinted windshield, with 0 miles. The complete hood and partial front fenders are covered in EXPEL. Rear wing is a Getty Design, adjustable to 4 positions, 3.8 RS, with the stock rear spoiler available. Euro rear taillights are in place. The car comes with Porsche MY 2002 996 wheels, refinished to new, confirmed as “straight and true” on a wheel balancer and fresh tires with under 1,000 miles.

INTERIOR: The owner swapped out the stock Cashmere interior for stock Black, using all Factory parts. The front seats are in excellent shape as is the overall interior. Matching rear seats and seat bases were never installed and are included. A Black 993 RS thin carpet kit was installed once the sound deadening material was removed. The stock horn was replaced with a Factory “Trumpet Horn”, NLA on US cars since 1996. The car has a removable Heigo (German origin) bolt in roll bar. The trim below the ¼ windows was lightly trimmed to accommodate the Heigo bar with stock trim provided, should the new owner opt to remove the bar. The interior is completed with a (NLA) Tequipment aluminum shift knob with engraved shift pattern and a black leather boot matching the interior. The sunroof is operational; the seal and headliner are good condition. Air conditioning system is freshly charged and a rebuilt CCU unit installed. The CD-210 original radio is in place with the optional Porsche Hi-Fi speakers in the doors and package shelf. One of the station selection buttons is missing; its replacement will be provided. Air bags are in place.

MECHANICALS: The engine is strong, sound and runs clean, successfully passing its bi-annual CA emission testing over the last 18 years of ownership. The owner reports minimal oil consumption between oil changes.
Cooler ambient temperature air enters the engine through a Fresh Air Intake originating on the 993 Turbo model. A February 2017 dyno (DynoJet) at The Seven’s Only Racing, Buttonwillow, CA recorded 261 HP to the rear wheels with stock mufflers and catalytic converter. This is 93% of the advertised stock HP to the flywheel of 282 HP VarioRam engine as delivered new in 1997. Dyno sheet is available. An August 2017 leak down test documented the following percentages across the cylinders: 4%, 5%, 3%, 5%, 2%, & 4%, and compression: 195, 197, 202, 195, 200 & 197 Lbs. To ensure that the engine oil runs as cool as possible, an additional GT2 style Ruf oil cooler is mounted in driver’s side front fender well, with a manual override switch. The engine mounts are RS.

SUSPENSION: The suspension package was purchased from, and on the advice of Steve Weiner from Rennsport Systems, Portland, OR. No expense was spared: Motion Control Suspension coil over suspension, (MCS) 2W shocks/struts with remote nitrogen reservoirs, H&R springs, with tenders, measured 675 Lbs. front, 800 Lbs. rear, TRG camber plates and shock pillows, 993 GT2 uprights (NLA) with ERP GT2 style tie rods and a full ERP treatment for the rear suspension including Rennline solid mounts for the suspension carriage. The anti-roll bars are 993 RS with all four corners on Tarett Engineering adjustable drop links. A strut tower connector is in place. The alignment is DE focused, but can be returned to something milder with a street alignment A Nitrogen pressure gauge will be provided as well as MCS documentation.

TRANSMISSION: Rebuilt in 2015, with close ratio gears, 3rd through 6th (Gear chart available), steel synchros 3rd – 5th, forged Albins and CMS 1-2 & 3-4 shifting forks, RS Flywheel and matching RS clutch, replaced RMS in the installation process, RS transmission mount added. In addition, a FD Motorsports Platinum-shifting rod with a Factory short shift kit is in place capped off with Option 220, Porsche Factory Limited Slip, upgraded to a 4 disc LSD by Guard Transmissions. Stock 3rd through 6th gears and shifting forks will be made available.

BRAKES: Refinished black stock calipers with Pagid Yellow pads front and Pagid Black pads rear and stainless steel brake lines added. Backing plates were removed. Front and rear brake rotors are in good shape. Brake and clutch fluid is fresh.

BONUS FEATURES: Factory wide oval exhaust tips, rebuilt steering rack, recent new front wheel bearings.

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