1982 911 sc
1982 911 sc
1982 911 sc
1982 911 sc
1982 911 sc
1982 911 sc
1982 911 sc
1982 911 sc
1982 911 sc
1982 911 sc
1982 911 sc
1982 911 sc
1982 911 sc
1982 911 sc

1982 911 SC Now At 22,250 $


167,600 miles
Caraquet, NB, Canada, E1W 5W9

JL41@hotmail.ca, 506-724-4141

3 months ago

The price is reduced by 10,000 $ because of broken pressure plate, on May 11th.

1982 Porsche 911 SC at 167,581 miles

PRICE32,250 22,250 $US

I bought this extraordinary car in April 2010, about 80 miles North of Chicago (Lake Geneva, WI.), where I went to pick it up. Mileage was then 131,130 miles.

Since day one, on April 22nd, 2010, the car has served me very well. Of the 7 driving seasons I have owned this 911, 3 of them were off years with less than 700 miles per year (2012 to 2015). These off years were due to financial considerations.

Over the 2010, 2011, 2015 and 2016 seasons, I drove a total of 34,422 miles, for an average of 8605 miles per season. In Eastern Canada, my driving season goes from May to end of November. Of note, I have always owned a second car with the Porsche, which means it has not seen much bad weather. However, the car is not a garage queen – it has been driven and it has been enjoyed very much.

I am now ready to let it go, although it is with a heavy heart that I do. I feel that after 10 years of enjoying an older 911, I have had my treat and it is time to be a bit more reasonable at age 55. I should also mention that financial consideration is, again, the number one reason for selling the car.

From 2006 to 2009, I owned and drove with great pleasure a 1984 911 Carrera, a truly remarkable car. I destroyed it in a crash when I fell asleep at the wheel.

The nearest Porsche dealer is 300 miles, so I have been doing my own maintenance work for the past 10 years with a Porsche. Thank you Pelican Parts web site and its contributors, and the great book 101 Projects for Your Porsche 911, by Wayne R. Dempsey. On this car, it means:
- all the oil change a prescribed intervals
- all valve adjustments
- spark plug changes
- new fan belt in fall of 2016
- new Omega (help) spring in 2016
- O2 sensor in 2016
- rotor and cap in 2016
- front brake calipers rebuilt in 2015, with new pads
- window regulator fixed in 2015 (driver’s side)
- new battery in 2015
- new transmission seal in 2013

Of note, I have not been able in the past two years to get the perfect fuel / air mixture. A bit of carbon accumulate on the side of the car. A few drops under car if sitting for a week.

Of note as well, in the fall of 2016, for the first time ever, I was left stranded with the car, after a high-speed run of about 200 miles, when the car would not start after a fuel pit stop. It immediately started on a kick-start, but there seems to be a problem with a relay-heating problem. I repeat – in 7 years of ownership, this was the very first time that the car would not start on demand.

Other items to note:
- Colour is chiffon white, was repainted at some point in the past
- Paint is about a 7.5 out of 10, no rust at all on important items
- Carrera chain tensioners
- Tires are good, will need replacing in 2017 or 2018
- Factory limited slip differential
- Leather dash and surfaces
- All electrical equipment works fine, except windshield washer
- Factory sunroof
- Excellent seals and rubber
- Turbo s steering wheel
- Headliner in excellent condition
- Seats in good condition, were tinted to chiffon white
- 5 speed or course, with 200 MPH factory speedometer
- Factory Fuchs
- Full tool kit, air compressor, and manual
- no AC, I do have the parts

I am about 600 miles East of Boston. I am willing to assist the buyer with shipping arrangements, and this might include delivery to Boston.

CONCLUSION – I am selling the car first for financial reasons. I have driven an older 911 for 10 years now, and it is time to move on. If I were wealthier, there is no question that I would keep the car. I love its driving and handling, the sound of its engine, and of course the looks that I get when I am around town. No such cars in a 1000 miles radius.

I am prepared to discuss the car and try and answer all questions you may have.

Jacques CF Lanteigne

Caraquet, NB, Canada, E1W 5W9

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