1983 911 SC


104,000 miles


3 months ago

Bought this coupe last summer…..
104,000 miles
Silver exterior
Full leather black interior w/ Sport Seats
Very Good condition

Performed long term maintenance @ Specialty Cars in Allentown including…

• New Bridgestone tires and a set of 16 × 9″ Fuchs (original 6s included)
• Set Front and rear height/ 4whl alignment
• Replaced dash board
• Front and rear window seals
• Replaced oil return tubes/cam tower oil lines & install oil fitting updates/ replace oil sender gasket and clean oil tank/ resurface engine oil sump cover
• Installed original muffler and test pipe (original Cat included)
• Replace paper heating hoses in engine compartment
• Replaced plastic fuel tank vent hoses at fuel tank
• Service trunk fuse panel and replaced all fuses w/ German ceramic fuses
• Install Gel Battery
• Replaced all shifter bushings, adjusted shifter and clutch
• Changed Gear oil and replaced shift fork cover gasket
• Replace Steering Column Bushings
• Replace throttle bell crank bushings at trans and engine block
• Adjust valves and torque cylinder head nuts
• Replace fuel filter and set up engine (CIS)
• Replace front and rear brake hoses and flush complete system
• Service front wheel bushings
• Remove both drive shafts and service CV joints
• Update A/C system: replace all rubber A/C hoses, install A/C rotary compressor and receiver dryer / evacuate and charge system w/ 134A refrigerant.
• Installed euro amber rear lenses

Great Car excellent color!

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